Colombia Land of Diversity

About this Auction

In this fifth version of Colombia Land of Diversity, 1610 coffee growers from 12 different departments in Colombia, participated with their best coffee lots of the harvest May - August 2020. After having different cupping rounds in Colombia, and with the support of recognized international judges, the selection of the best 32 lots is ready to be auctioned.

Get ready to bid for these delicious coffees and to enjoy every cup of coffee of the best lots from Colombia Land of Diversity.

Objectives of the Competition

  • Discover the diversity of flavor of the coffees produced in Colombia
  • Recognize publicly the effort and dedication of the Colombian coffee growers
  • Draw domestic and international attention to exceptional coffees to establish long lasting relationships between coffee producers and clients.
  • Motivate Colombian coffee growers to produce specialty coffee as the main way for profitability of their coffee business

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29th October 2020, @ 12pm (London)

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The Colombia Land of Diversity contest is a national coffee quality competition in which every Colombian coffee grower can participate. It is organized and run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and seeks to reward the effort, dedication and commitment to quality of the Colombian coffee farmers.

The main goal of the contest is to honor coffee growers and their farms, celebrating the wide diversity of Colombian coffees and growing regions. You will discover coffees of different varieties, processing methods and cup profiles.


In the Fifth Version of Colombia Land of Diversity contest, 1610 coffee lots were presented in the different municipalities of the country. This competition is the only one in Colombia in which every coffee grower of every region in the country can participate. To participate, the coffee growers had to visit the closest point of purchase of the Cooperatives, to deliver the full lot and to get paid for the coffee. All the 1610 coffees were bought and paid to the producers with a premium price as a recognition of the quality and effort of the producers.

After receiving the lots in the Cooperatives, all the coffee was transported to the warehouses of Almacafé, the logistics operator of the FNC. A group of cuppers of Almacafé in four main labs in Pasto, Neiva, Medellín and Bogotá did the selection of the lots that had 86+ on the SCA cupping protocol. From the 1610 lots, 349 passed to the second cupping round.

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