Colombia Land of Diversity

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Auction overview

Lots: 32
Bidding starts: 29 Oct 2020 12:00:00 GMT
Ends: 29 Oct 2020 15:21:14 GMT
Bidding Agreement
The Colombia Land of Diversity contest is a national coffee quality competition in which every Colombian coffee grower can participate. It is organized and run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and seeks to reward the effort, dedication and commitment to quality of the Colombian coffee farmers.

The main goal of the contest is to honor coffee growers and their farms, celebrating the wide diversity of Colombian coffees and growing regions. You will discover coffees of different varieties, processing methods and cup profiles.

In this fifth version of Colombia Land of Diversity, 1610 coffee growers from 12 different departments in Colombia, participated with their best coffee lots of the harvest May - August 2020. After having different cupping rounds in Colombia, and with the support of recognized internaational judges, the selection of the best 32 lots is ready to be auctioned.
Get ready to bid for these delicious coffees and to enjoy every cup of coffee of the best lots from Colombia Land of Diversity.


29th October 2020 @ 12:00pm

05:00 AM : Los Angeles
08:00 AM : New York
09:00 AM : Sao Paulo
12:00 PM : London
15:00 PM : Riyadh
19:00 PM : Jakarta
20:00 PM : Shanghai
21:00 PM : Tokyo
23:00 PM : Sydney


Lots in this auction

Lot Bags (35kg) Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
17540.13lbs$0.25$23.00/lb$12,422.99HENRY AGUSTIN RODRIGUEZ MONCAYO澳帝焙咖啡(上海)Shanghai Ultimate Food Co, Ltd FINISHED
211848.77lbs$0.25$5.75/lb$4,880.43MARCOS ORLANDO VERANO ORTIZBokkum & GIL Coffee FINISHED
3151,157.42lbs$0.25$15.00/lb$17,361.30LUIS ALVARO VARGAS URREGOBeamTimer/THE FEW COFFEE & GOODS(治光师/少数派咖啡) FINISHED
47540.13lbs$0.25$10.00/lb$5,401.30DUBERNEY CIFUENTES FAJARDO晓博&有容乃大 FINISHED
5161,234.58lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$7,407.48ANDRES NORBERTO YEPES BARRERABokkum & GIL Coffee FINISHED
6141,080.26lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$6,481.56LUZ ALBA ROJAS GONZALEZGUANGZHOU INGE/CUT HAND GROUP(广州印格咖啡/剁手咖啡群) FINISHED
911848.77lbs$0.25$9.00/lb$7,638.93LUISA FERNANDA ISDITH BETANCOURTGC Tranding FINISHED
107540.13lbs$0.25$6.75/lb$3,645.88GABRIEL DEVIA LOPEZ明谦咖啡/爱趣焙科技 FINISHED
117540.13lbs$0.25$45.50/lb$24,575.92FRANCISCO ALEXANDER BERMUDEZ TAPIAShanghai Haimo Industrial Co.,ltd(上海海沫实业有限公司 ) FINISHED
127540.13lbs$0.25$6.75/lb$3,645.88IVAN DE JESUS GIRALDO SANCHEZPact Coffee FINISHED
13161,234.58lbs$0.25$16.50/lb$20,370.57ELPIDIO ARBOLEDA TABARESCafe Imports FINISHED
14161,234.58lbs$0.25$4.50/lb$5,555.61MARIO DUQUE TRUJILLOSuzhou Guyun Trading Co.,LTD. FINISHED
158617.29lbs$0.25$8.00/lb$4,938.32MELIDA ROSERO ORDOÑEZ Royal Coffee FINISHED
1612925.94lbs$0.25$5.75/lb$5,324.16MARIA ROSALINA CRIOLLO CAÑARKoffee Kult FINISHED
179694.45lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$4,166.70OSCAR SOLIN VARGAS LOSADA(株)MCアグリアライアンス FINISHED
188617.29lbs$0.25$10.00/lb$6,172.90GONZALO DE JESUS CIFUENTES VARGASSingle Origin Coffee Inc. FINISHED
197540.13lbs$0.25$10.75/lb$5,806.40YOLANDA MARLENE GARZON LOPEZCafe Imports FINISHED
20151,157.42lbs$0.25$7.25/lb$8,391.30SANTOS VISCAYA HERNANDEZAmor Perfecto FINISHED
217540.13lbs$0.25$32.25/lb$17,419.19DIEGO SAMUEL BERMUDEZ TAPIAValley Coffee ( China ) / Klatch Coffee FINISHED
227540.13lbs$0.25$8.00/lb$4,321.04MANUEL GUSTAVO GOMEZ MORENOGC Tranding FINISHED
237540.13lbs$0.25$21.50/lb$11,612.80MARIA BERCELIA MARTINEZ ORTEGAYunnan Happenstance Bean Fun Coffee Co.,Ltd(云南际遇咖啡) FINISHED
248617.29lbs$0.25$6.00/lb$3,703.74LAURA ARTEAGA NAVARROYNK FOOD COMPANY(广州亿客食品有限公司) FINISHED
268617.29lbs$0.25$14.50/lb$8,950.71JOSE ANARGEL RODRIGUEZ明谦咖啡/爱趣焙科技 FINISHED
277540.13lbs$0.25$12.50/lb$6,751.63LUIS JOSE ARCILA啡茶餐饮管理咨询(广州)有限公司 FINISHED
2810771.61lbs$0.25$6.50/lb$5,015.47WILMER CALDERON CONDE兼松株式会社 FINISHED
297540.13lbs$0.25$7.75/lb$4,186.01NELY DEL CARMEN DÍAZ BERMUDEZAmativo China, Urban Coffee Roaster HK FINISHED
307540.13lbs$0.25$6.25/lb$3,375.81ROBEIRO DE JESUS RODRIGUEZ BERRIOMayforest Coffee, World Top Coop (Migok), Amativo Korea FINISHED
3111848.77lbs$0.25$11.75/lb$9,973.05SAULO ENRIQUE RUEDA CARDONAAG COFFEE FINISHED
3210771.61lbs$0.25$6.25/lb$4,822.56JOSÉ ANTONIO CAEZ NARVAEZBlooms Roastery ~ Craft Tea FINISHED
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