Colombia Land of Diversity

Auction 2021

Thank you to allwho took part. Congratulations to all the winners.

Colombia Land of Diversity

1,100 coffee growers

from 15 regions in Colombia showcased their best coffee lots, During the harvest of November – February 2021.


Following different cupping rounds in Colombia, and with the support of recognized international judges, the selection of the best 26 lots is now ready to be auctioned.

enjoy each coffee before the auction and get ready to bid!

The National Coffee Quality Competition where every Colombian coffee grower can participate.

This competition is organized and run by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) and rewards the 
Effort, Dedication and Commitment to Quality
of the Colombian coffee farmers.

Our Main Goal

To celebrate the diversity of Colombian coffees and growing regions by honouring coffee growers and their farms.

Discover coffees of different varieties, processing methods and cup profiles now!


The Process of the Contest

This year 1,110 coffee lots were presented in the different municipalities of the country.

This competition is unique in Colombia in that every coffee grower of every region in the country can participate. To enter, the coffee growers visited the closest point of purchase of the Cooperatives, to deliver the full lot and to get paid for the coffee. All the 1,100 coffees were bought and paid to the producers with a premium price as a recognition of the quality and effort of the producers.

Meet the Farmers from our 6th Edition in 2021


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For these delicious coffees.

For more information about the contest and the coffees, please contact:

Calle 73 #8-13 Piso 6 Bogotá, Colombia

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia